Hi! My name is Jira; short for Jirasol. I like things and I post about them.

Enjoy your stay.

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01/30 新年快樂! 除夕in澎湖 :3

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so Anonymous was all like:
What the fuck?? (I just read the story :0)

i kno right

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so Anonymous was all like:
Can I hear the funny story about selfies and families and news?! :D

oh my goodness! it’s long, okay? so i’m gonna put a read more thingy under here.

but, first, i do have some content warnings so

  • tw: alcohol
  • tw: drugs

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I really worry about which selfie my family would put on the news if I ever went missing. 

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and I am just as single as you so trust me. There is nothing to apologize or whatevrrr
we are just scared of the world for some reason so its hard to talk to people that are out of our little circle without sounding like English teachers or obsessed fanpeople irl

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my ribbon is untied but oh well

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what does the horse side of tumblr have to say about this


thanks horse side of tumblr

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Introducing Awkwafina, a Chinese, Korean American rapper from Queens, New York. She is known for her quirky, extensive satire and comical rap verses and music videos. She went to LaGuardia High School, where she played the trumpet and was trained in classical and jazz music. She adopted the name Awkwafina, and began rapping and writing songs in GarageBand at age 17. From 2006 to 2008, Awkwafina attended the Beijing Language and Culture University in Beijing, China, where she studied Mandarin language. She majored in Journalism at SUNY Albany. 

She gained a lot of attention with her songs “Vag” and “Queef”, which went viral on Youtube. 

Music Videos: 



this queef song

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